The 2024 Macon/Piatt Contig Tournament will be Friday, April 26th, at Mt. Zion Intermediate School. Check-in time starts at 8:30 a.m. Play will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. Contig participants’ names must be submitted by April 7, 2023, to:

Jewel Grady
3433 Rupp Pkwy
Decatur, IL 62526

We are on a very tight budget so NO FAXES.

Please fill out the participant sheet, scan it and email it to or send via School Mail or US mail (We will send out at a later time).

In order for your students to have an equal advantage and enjoy the experience, they MUST:

● Want to participate in the tournament.
● Know how to play the game according to the rules
● Know how to keep score and write it down
● Know how a challenge is resolved
● Be in his/her room by 9:00 a.m.

You are NOT required to send students to Contig but if you register students to play in the tournament you MUST send a substitute for any registered student that is ill or cannot be at the tournament for any reason. All substitutes will be expected to follow the Contig rules as written. We must have an even number of students so that all players will have a partner.


● Start playing the game as soon as possible. Start using official score sheets as soon as possible.
● Send copies of rules and game board to parents.
● In the beginning, if you do not wish to play the whole game, you can play a warm-up drill that only takes a couple of minutes. Tell the students 3 numbers that may appear on a set of dice or draw three dice on the board. Have the students make as many combinations as possible using the 4 different operations. This warm-up drill could be played every day.

Suggestion for selecting students to go to the CONTIG Tournament

Step 1 Have all students involved play the same number of games with as many different people as possible.

Step 2 Have students keep a journal of date played, opponent’s name and both scores.

Step 3 Add up all of the TOTAL scores from each game for each player.

Step 4 If you would like to eliminate some students at this time, pick the 4 or 6 or 8. . . top scores and go back to step #1 to continue with the process of elimination.

Step 5 If you would like to quit at this time, pick the top 2 Total scores.

The totals for each game and/or partial game are added together ONLY at the conclusion of play. The player with the most TOTAL POINTS wins, not how many single games he or she has won. Tournament winners are determined in this manner.

Student drop-off and parking at Mt. Zion Intermediate: Enter off of Henderson. Enter by the far field near the gym —NOT THE MAIN ENTRANCE PLEASE.

Contig Participants Sheet

Contig Official Rules

Contig Population Guidelines

4th Grade Contig Gameboard

5th & 6th Grade Contig Gameboard

4th Grade Contig Scoresheet

5th Grade Contig Scoresheet

6th Grade Contig Scoresheet