I already hold a Professional Educator License (PEL), but I have questions.

Q: How can I add a new teaching area/endorsement to my license?
A: Recent legislation changes have been implemented by ISBE to make this process easier. Contact Dee Williams for more information on the requirements for adding an endorsement to your PEL license.

Q: Are registration fees required to retain a valid license?
A: Yes

Q: When must I pay registration fees?
A: Initial registration fees are paid immediately after the license is issued; the license is not valid for employment until the registration fees are paid. Most licenses are valid for five years, and registration renewal fees are due at the end of that five-year cycle. The license will lapse if the registration fees are not paid by the due date.

Q: How much are registration fees?
A: Registration fees are currently $10/year and are collected for the length of the validity of the license (typically five years) for a total of $50 per renewal cycle.

Q: How do I pay the registration fees required to retain a valid license?
A: You will pay the fees by logging in to your Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) account on the Illinois State Board of Education website at:

Q: What happens if my license lapses because I forget to pay the registration fee?
A: The Illinois State Board of Education will send renewal notices to the personal email that you have on file in your ELIS account. However, they are not responsible if the notices are not received or heeded. The onus for renewal is on the educator. You have two options to reinstate a lapsed license:

  1. Educators who have lapsed licenses may complete nine semester hours of coursework in one or more of the endorsement areas listed on the license. Coursework must be completed within the last five fiscal years. View acceptable courses for reinstatement at:

  2. Educators who have lapsed licenses may pay a $500 penalty fee in place of completing nine semester hours of coursework. You may apply for reinstatement in ELIS. Simply select the reinstatement option you choose to utilize.

Q: What if my license has lapsed due to failure to complete Professional Development?
A: If your PEL has lapsed due to failure to complete the required Professional Development (PD) and/or Administrator Academy courses, you must complete any deficient PD, record the activities in your ELIS account, and submit your PD before you may reinstate your license. Once the PD requirements are satisfied, you may choose to reinstate the license using one of the two methods listed above.

Q: I am retiring before my license will need renewed. Do I need to complete PD?
A: Yes. You are required to complete PD for the semesters that you actively teach in an Illinois public school. Failure to meet PD for the semesters of employment will prevent you from meeting renewal requirements and will cause the license to lapse.

Q: I am retiring before my license comes due for renewal. May I submit my PD and renew my registration early?
A: No. You may complete the renewal process and pay registration fees no earlier than April of the year that they come due.