The Regional Superintendent is the direct successor to the Commissioner of School Lands.  In 1829, the Sixth General Assembly made it the duty of the body known as the County Board to appoint a competent and responsible person to act as commissioner and  agent for educational purposes.  In 1865, the legislature called for the election of the County Superintendent of Schools.  Until 1973, there were 102 County Superintendents in Illinois, one for each county.  In 1995, by consolidation of smaller counties into regions, the number was reduced to 45.  At that time, Macon and Piatt Counties joined to form the Macon-Piatt Regional Office of Education. 

Regional Offices of Education in Illinois serve as intermediate agencies between the Illinois State Board of Education and local school districts.

As the Macon-Piatt Regional Superintendent, I am the only elected educator in the county, acting as an official advisor and assistant to school officials and teachers, carrying out the advice of the State Superintendent of Education. 

In addition to coordinating state and local educational services, I take a leadership role in providing information to educators, school districts and the public.  Our office staff answers numerous queries from parents, students, school staffers and citizens regarding a variety of educational matters.

Our office administers several special programs, including teacher certification, health-life safety inspections of school buildings, compliance visits of all districts, bus driver training, GED transcripts and diplomas, Hi-Set testing, truancy prevention, home schooling counseling, work permits, resource library for area schools, providing three alternative schools and continuing education for educators and administrators.

Our office is committed to our Mission Statement:

"To provide excellent service and programming with the improvement of education as the ultimate goal"

Jill R. Reedy
Regional Superintendent of Schools