Detachments are a form of reorganization where a portion of one school district is incorporated into one or more other school districts. This may consist of one or more families or an area within the district wanting to attend another district.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I send my child to another school district without paying tuition?
No. Non-resident students are required to pay tuition. A non-resident student becomes a resident student only upon the effective date of the detachment.

Utilizing detachment, can I send my child to any school district that I would like?
No. The annexing district must be contiguous (boundaries touching) with the current school district.

Can more than one family be involved in the process?
Yes. A single family, a group of families, or other registered voters can join together to utilize the detachment process.

Will my taxes be affected?
Possibly. After detachments, the tax rates apply to the detached property will be the tax rates of the annexing school district.

Who is responsible for the expenses associated with the detachment?
The petitioners are responsible for the costs of publishing the hearing notice and the costs of the transcript of the hearing. Upon receiving the petition ROE # 17 will collect the deposit before scheduling the hearing.