ISBE Approved - Microcredentialing

  • Only ISBE approved professional development providers are eligible to offer ISBE-Approved Microcredentials.

  • To submit a microcredential professional learning opportunity for ISBE approval, please utilize the state’s ISBE-Approved Microcredential Framework​ to ensure alignment of the microcredential to the required criteria prior to submission for state approval.

  • ISBE will review your course for alignment with the ISBE Microcredential Framework within 45 days of receipt and either approve or offer feedback to inform resubmission.

    • You will be notified when the review process is initiated. ISBE staff may contact you while your proposal is under review to request clarification or more information.

    • Once approved, the microcredential may be publicized as an ISBE-approved microcredential. 

  • Once a provider has received approval for at least three microcredentials, they can request an expedited review of subsequent microcredentials for initial approval by indicating they wish to do so at the end of this form and subsequently completing the ISBE Microcredential Expedited Review Certification.

  • Applications with expedited review requests will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt and provider will be asked to submit certification of adherence to the ISBE-approved microcredential framework and periodic/annual reporting requirements.

  • For questions reach out by email to

To submit your proposal application, please complete the following Microsoft Form: ISBE-Approved Microcredential Proposal Application (​ and provide confirmation that you have submitted the form to