EdTech Office Hours

Based on the success of this week -- over 1,000 educators, administrators, and support staff participated -- we are hosting EdTech Office Hours again. From March 30 to April 3, we will hold 15 hours of online conversations on a variety of topics ranging from remote learning in the content areas, special education, and technology coordinator resources. No registration is necessary.

Online Learning Resources
The LTC created a searchable database of online learning resources. Our plan is to focus on Illinois-specific and distance learning best practices and strategies.

Free Zoom Accounts for ROEs and ISCs
21 ROEs and ISCs are utilizing free Zoom licenses. Please contact Christ Wherley at if you are interested in learning more.

Consulting with Districts
We have also continued to work closely with districts, admins, IT staff, and teachers on a variety of topics related to remote learning: best practices in creating distance learning lessons, privacy concerns, resources identification, home access issues, learning management systems, tools and apps, etc. Districts can contact us via or contact us directly at

Resource Development
LTC staff have created the following resources:



Blogs & Podcasts