Applicants Prepared as Educators Outside of Illinois 

Create an ELIS Account

1.    Log into the Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) at

2.    On Educator Access, select the Login to your ELIS account link.

3.    Click on Sign Up Now on the left side of the page.

4.    Fill in all the required fields and click to continue.  Once logged into ELIS, you will click to apply for an Illinois license, endorsement, or approval and follow the application wizard to apply for your Illinois license

5.    Please email your out-of-state teaching license to Dee Williams at 

6.    If you are Out-of-State and do not have an active teaching license, send your university, form 80-02 or 80-02S whichever is applicable. Forms can be found at   Your university will send the completed forms directly to ISBE per the instructions at the top of the forms.  This does not apply to foreign applicants. 

7.    Have your university send your official transcripts to Dee Williams at 3433 Rupp Pkwy or via email to

8.    If you graduated from a foreign university, read the information below regarding having your foreign transcripts translated into US college credit.

Testing information can be found at

 Applicants Prepared as Educators Outside the United States

In order to become licensed in Illinois, foreign applicants must have been prepared as an educator outside of the United States, meet all coursework and testing requirements, be legally eligible for employment in the United States, and meet all other requirements detailed in Illinois statute and rules.

 If you have foreign credentials, you will need to obtain a course-by-course evaluation that converts the foreign educational credentials to equivalent American semester credits and courses. The evaluation will need to specify the grade level for which you prepared as a teacher. It will also need to indicate the American degree equivalence of your foreign credentials. You will find a list of approved foreign credential evaluation organizations in this linkYou will need to have the organization you choose to email the ROE your completed evaluation report.

 Official foreign credential evaluation reports must be sent directly by the evaluation agency to ROE # 39 via mail or email at

 ROE #39 Privacy Policy: All inquiries regarding licenses must be made by the license holder, we are unable to share information with other parties. Thank you.

 ISBE has authority to determine license equivalency and may request additional documentation to verify equivalency.  Any educator applying with an out-of-country license must also submit a translated foreign credential evaluation showing preparation in the licensure area sought.  Visit the International Resources section of our website to learn more.